Dial-A-Tech Service

Attention Do—It—Yourself-ers !!!

Do you like to tackle your own sprinkler problems but sometimes need a little help?

Or have you started your own sprinkler repair but found yourself in a little over your head?

Like lots of folks, perhaps you need some expert advice but you don’t want to pay full price for an on-site visit or wait too long in hot weather for a technician to come out.

We’ve got the solution for you…  Dial-A-Tech is here!


How it Works:

Step 1:  Identify the problem you’re having

Step 2:  Call our office at 602-329-3396 and request the Dial-A-Tech service

Step 3:  Agree to the Terms and Conditions of Service   [Our friendly staff will review the terms of service with you before your book your appointment]

Step 4:  Pay the $59 service fee by phone with your Master Card, Visa or Discover credit or debit card

Step 5:  Book your phone consultation appointment – you will have up to 30 minutes to talk time with an irrigation expert

Step 6:  Our experienced technician will call you at your appointed time to get you the sprinkler help you need!

Why Dial-A-Tech?

Economical –  you can get your own parts and provide your own labor

Fast –  faster service than on-site visits – get a phone call within 2 to 24 hours

Answers to Questions –  ask as many questions as you want

Solutions that Work –  lots of common problems can be resolved within just a few minutes

**  You will get advice on what steps to take, where to get parts and much more! **

Call our office at 602-329-3396 and book your Dial-A-Tech appointment TODAY!